4D Bonding Scan




In our opinion it is best to have the scan between 26-27 weeks if you have an anterior placenta and 27-29 weeks if you have a posterior placenta. However, if you are out of these time frames we may still be able to get good pictures but please understand that it may be harder..

It is a wonderful bonding experience for family members with photos for you to take away and cherish.

With every 4D scan we do a health check of your baby to see that baby is meeting their expected growth and we give you an estimated weight. To enable us to do this accurately we request that you bring your hand held hospital notes to your scan.

We have three different 4D scans.

It is possible to do this scan without seeing your babies gender.

Premium 4D scan – £69

Our premium package includes all digital images and videos put on a DVD or digitally sent to your phone and 2 glossy colour photos printed off and put in a handmade keepsake card.

VIP 4D scan – £119

Our VIP Package is a great gift as it includes extra scan time, a Heart Beat Teddy bear along with all images and videos immediately sent to your phone,  USB of all images and mini clips,  4 glossy (6 x 4) Photographs, 2 large keyrings.

All appointments last for at least 30 minutes (except the VIP which is 45 mins), so the scan is not compromised if you choose the cheaper option. The only difference is what you take home to cherish.

Important Information regarding our 4D scans

Sometimes the baby is naughty and doesn’t want us to see their face. This can usually be rectified by eating some chocolate, having a cold fizzy drink and a taking a walk around the lovely shops of Churchtown village.  However if this still doesn’t encourage baby to move, a free rescan will be offered. 

Please note that images can vary depending on babies position, the position of your placenta, how much fluid is around baby and your BMI. For an anterior placenta, it is best to come around 27 weeks. This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able get images later but in our experience it can hinder the scan pictures.

Please call us on 01704 620213 to discuss if you have any questions regarding the packages or would like any further information that is not answered in our frequently asked questions section.