Premium Gender Scan


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Are you excited to find out if your baby is Pink or Blue?

We can confirm your babies gender from 14 weeks in a gender scan. 

This scan includes a 2 photos and as a extra treat all images are sent digitally to your phone for free. We will also have a sneaky look in 4D if baby is in a good position. You can upgrade and include a small bear that includes your babies heart beat for £15, or a large Heart Beat Bear for £25. We also sell large confetti cannons for £15 or gigantic for £20

Please be aware that sometimes babies can be naughty and hide their gender however, this can usually be rectified by eating something sweet, a having a cold drink and a walk around the local area. But do not worry,  if this still doesn’t work a rescan will be offered.  

We suggest that you attend the scan with a full bladder. Please drink a pint of fluid 1 hr before the scan.

Please note that a well being check will be performed on baby and if a problem is detected you will be informed by the sonographer. With your permission a report will be written for you to take to your midwife/Doctor.

This scan is as accurate as one later on. To make sure we have done trials over the last 18 months,  and have been correct in 99.9% of scans).