Early Scan




When you have just found out you are pregnant it can be a long wait until your hospital scan. That is why we offer the opportunity for our customers to come for an early reassurance scan.

The purpose of this scan is to:-

  • Confirm that your pregnancy is intrauterine (not ectopic)

  • Check your babies heartbeat 

  • Confirm whether your pregnancy is single or multiple

  • Measure the length of your baby to confirm the gestational age and your estimated due date.

This scan is performed on top of your tummy and can be done from 6 weeks+ but we suggest waiting until you are 7 weeks just incase you have ovulated a little later than expected. 

With each scan we send all pictures and videos captured to your phone and also print some thermal images off for you to keep. 

Please note than sometimes we are unable to see your pregnancy on top of your tummy. This can be because the pregnancy is earlier than you estimated, you have a retroverted uterus or you have a high BMI.

If we cannot see your pregnancy on top of your tummy we will offer a rescan between 1-2 weeks later or suggest you contact the early pregnancy unit of your local hospital.

This scan does not check for abnormalities and should never substitute your 12 week NHS scan.

We request that you attend with a full bladder for this scan. Please drink a pint of fluid 1 hr before the scan ( Please do not drink a fizzy drink)